Finding The Best Deal On A Hotel In Hawaii

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Planning a trip to Hawaii can be a whole lot of fun, but it can also be stressful due to the fact that many hotels and more can be very costly in the state. However, there are ways to find the best deal on a hotel in Hawaii, which will allow you to head off on your trip with a little bit more money to spend, and you can still stay in a hotel that you know you will enjoy.

The first and best tip Read more…

Inspirato’s Latest Vacation Home In Maui

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Inspirato has a new vacation home in Maui that you must see. The area is gorgeous with green grass and sparkling blue water. Take in a day of shopping in town, or lay in the sun before taking a dip in the pool. There are several houses in the area with immaculate views of the ocean. Many of the homes have a brick or stone foundation and construction. Several homes have pools, and they are in all shapes and sizes. The latest home has a privacy fence and stone area around a round pool. Read more…

Successful Paddleboard Trip Across The North Sea

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Visitors and tourists that plan on making Maui their destination would do well to learn a little more about the area and ensure they are kept up to date on the latest news and issues. Learning more about paddleboard opportunities and what they have to offer, as well as the latest weather conditions and forecasts, can provide you with the chance to make the most out of your visit. Planning to take part in an outdoor Read more…

Take a Trip to Maui the Right Way

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Before you even pack your bags and before you even step on that plane, first and foremost you need to secure the house. Unless you plan on staying in Maui, you obviously are going to need a home to come home to and that’s where a little home security can really make a difference. When people hear “home security” they think of sites and services like which is usually where you can find that sort of thing. There are, however, other ways to handle this.

For starters, you could have a close friend house-sit for you. Lots of people do this sort of thing and, if staying overnight is too much of an inconvenience, you could simply have them stop by and look in on the place. Just make sure you make arrangements with them in person and leave a spare key with them – don’t go trying to hide it under the doormat. Criminals know all the hiding places.

Another important thing to do is convey the illusion that someone is home. This is done by purchasing a timer that plugs into your lamps and automatically turns them on and off – you can purchase these at most hardware stores in the country.

The Best Maui Beaches: Where They Are

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A trip to Hawaii will not be complete without a visit to a Maui beach. Maui, the second largest island in Hawaii situated only 75 miles from Honolulu, is place to visit to experience luscious climate, famous beaches, cascading waterfalls, and amazing sunsets.

The beaches on this island are all unique and offer different activities like snorkeling, surfing and even scuba diving. Some of the best Maui beaches are listed below.

- Kapalua Beach: This is the gem among all the beaches with palm trees Read more…

Using Caution While Driving On Maui Roads

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Maui is one of Hawaii’s most scenic islands. Renting a car and spending time touring the island is extremely popular amongst tourists. Camping around the island is another popular way to see its beauty. Maui roads can be a bit tricky, and drivers must exercise caution.

One of the most popular drives in Maui is the 52 mile drive along the islands east coast. The road to Hana is one of the most breathtaking drives but will try Read more…

Brush Fire Season Keeping Firefighters On Their Toes

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Brush fires can start rapidly, this is because once the brush becomes dry it is more vulnerable to burning quickly. When the landscape is more lush and green, it is much more difficult for a fire to start. As soon as that changes, the odds of a fire go up.

Many careless tourists and locals do not take the caution that they should. For example, throwing a cigarette on the ground, or foolishly letting a small fire or barbecue out of control. Caution needs to be taken, as Read more…

Record Setting Month For Beachfront Visitors

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It was a record setting month in Maui for beach front visitors last month, and it’s no wonder why! The second largest island of the tropical paradise of Hawai’i, Maui has long been a must-see for beach-lovers everywhere. The sandy white shores and clear blue water of Maui’s beaches attract visitors of all ages and from all over the world. More than ever before beach-goers are flocking to the pristine beaches of Maui to recline under the swaying palm trees and relax with a cool drink in their Read more…

Maui High School Superstar Heading To The Majors

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Baldwin High School alumni Branden Kaupe became the latest Maui high school baseball player to be drafted by a Major League Baseball team. Branden was a fourth round pick for the New York Mets. This was a pleasant surprise for Branden because he was told by several MLB scouts he would be picked somewhere between the sixth and eighth rounds. One scout even told him he stood out because of his small size. His speed and performance statistics also impressed the Mets. Kaupe’s batting average was .511 with 21 RBIs and no strike outs for his 45 times in the batter’s box.

Thomas Tanous, amateur scouting director for the Mets, adt home security affiliate program, was impressed by his speed. Kaupe actually hit a home run inside the ball park when Tanous scouted him. Branden’s left arm also impressed Tanous. He expects Branden will play one of the left side infielder positions. The Mets website lists Branden as a shortshop.

Branden is probably going to start his professional baseball career in Kingston, Tennessee. Kingston is the home of the Kingsport Mets, the Mets Appalachian League farm team. The other Mets high school draft picks will play a short season for the Kingsport Mets as well.