Productions in Maui and Hawaii Islands

Here is a (very partial) list of movies and music videos that are have sections filmed in Maui. Wiki has a little more extensive list if you want to check our just a list:  As you go through the list, think about how the producer can find all the spots that the filming should take place. That is where a local production company and a location scout (many are not familiar with this process, but it’s a vital process for a production) comes in to the picture. Location scout can help with finding the right place to film and they can also help navigate the legal concerns for filming for that area since the laws are very different for each municipality.

2007 – Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
There’s a Maui tourism Web site that claims a scene from the third Johnny Depp adventure was shot in Pukalani. I wish! Who wouldn’t want to see Captain Jack Sparrow stop off at Pukalani Superette for a Spam Musubi? But I digress: a portion of the Disney blockbuster was filmed in Kaupo, and Molokai got the rest of the Hawaii filming.

2004 – Riding Giants
For some people “Hawaii” reminds them of surfing. This documentary about surfing and its history shows Peahi, Maui.

2003 – The Hulk
Ending scene of the movie The Hulk was filmed in Kahakaloa side of Maui.

2002 – Die Another Day
Iconic opennin surfing scene of this 007 franchise was filmed in Peahi. No, it is not Pierce Brosnan surfing, but professional surfers – two of the best surfers in the world on that massive wave.

1997 – Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie
Some fight scenes are from Iao Valley, Maui.

1993 – Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park is famous for being fimled Hawaii. Famous location for it is Kualoa ranch on Oahu. Most other scenes are from Kauai, but there are some scene with the T-Rex that Maui was filmed in.

1992 – Baraka
Awesome view of the Haleakala crater is shown about seventeen minutes into this documentary.

Music Videos
There are many music videos filmed in Hawaiiand here are some music videos filmed in Maui and other Hawaii islands

SZA – Garden (Say it Like Dat)
Filmed in Maui – This music video was location scout by Maui Production Company called Hana Productions.

Jason Mraz – I’m Yours
You can see glimps of Kauai and Oahu on this music video.

Sheryl Crow – Soak Up the Sun
This was done in Oahu. Got nothing to do? Soak up the sun and lighten up 🙂

Colbie Caillat – The Little Things
Kauai it is. Many people come to Oahu and are surprised how metropolitan the island is. Kauai on the otherhand is a totally different story. It’s probably what you might have thought “Hawaii” is supposed to be.

T.I. – Why You Wanna
Filmed in Oahu

Mary J. Blige – Everything
This one is filmed in Kauai. Dramatic nature landscape that is untouched is what Kauai shows the best.